Just add Plants!

A piece of nature in your home. Who doesn’t enjoy it? In a ecosystem you follow how the plants develop. That is not only beautiful to see but also very educational for young and old.

Met ‘Just add Plants’ heb je alle basis middelen om een terrarium te maken. Het enige wat er nog toegevoegd moet worden is je eigen creativiteit in de vorm van plantjes, ‘Just add Plants’! 

With “Just add Plants” you have all the basic resources to make a terrarium. The only thing that needs to be added is your own creativity in the form of plants, ‘Just add Plants’!

Add other extra elements such as moss, wood or stones as extra decoration.

The glass jar is 30 cm high and made from 100% recycled glass. With a diameter of 19 cm you have the space to build up your great creations. With the cork on it you get a closed ecosystem and the moisture will form a water cycle.

With the 4 soil materials you can build up the soil nicely in layers. This is not only decorative, It also ensures that the water is filtered for healthy roots.

The information sheet contains the basic information for a terrarium and the instructions with simple steps for a good result.

Inspire your customers with great examples. Put plants and other materials next to the “Just add Plants” and let the customer choose what kind of mini landscape they will make.

Or sell the “Just add Plants” ready-made with your own creations as a complete terrarium!


  • Eco glass 30 cm high Ø 19 cm
  • Cork for a closed ecosystem
  • 4 soil materials
  • Information sheet with manual

100% Recycled glas

Glass recycling has many environmental benefits.
Such as saving resources and energy.


‘Just add Plants’; a gift with a personal touch

Nice to give, to receive or Work together on your own terrarium


We sell the “Just add Plants” packed per 4 in a box or on a display pallet with 36 pieces
Order them here via the webshop!

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